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If you are the kind of person who loves (or morbidly hates politics, but can’t get enough of it) then you have probably been following the negotiations between the Progressives (aka Democrats) concerning our “fiscal cliff” situation. You have probably discerned that our illustrious President does not really want to solve the problem in a bipartisan way. Obama, and his Progressive zombies have made it very clear that their intent is let everyone’s taxes go up, and blame it on the Republicans. The Progressives are more interested in destroying the Republican Party than in stopping the economic pain that the expiration of the “Bush era” tax cuts which inflict on those who can afford it least!

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This action, or I should say “non-action” causes me to ask this question of all Americans. “If the Bush tax cuts helped only the rich, then why when they expire will they hurt everyone?” Could it be that Progressives have lied to us for the last four years in order to paint the Republicans as, evil villains, who are only out to help the rich?  Why is Obama and his minions claiming that all Americans are going to be affected by this economic disaster if it only affected the wealthy in the first place. I have repeated this question for a reason. Think about this for a minute: Obama, and the Progressives have been lying to you about who really benefited by the Bush tax cuts and now he doesn’t care if it hurts all of us in an attempt to destroy his political opponents using the American taxpayer to do it?

Is Obama in Washington, D.C. trying to solve this problem right now? The answer is no;  he’s out campaigning to force the Republicans to accept only his tax increases with no spending cuts! The deficit we have as a country isn’t because we don’t have enough money coming into the government, it is because the Progressives don’t want to cut out any spending! This country has to borrow .40 cents of every dollar that it spends from the Chinese because we have run out of money.

The Republicans need to simply walk away and make Obama and his Progressive zombies take the heat (or responsibility) for what is about to happen to middle class America. If the good people of this country really pin the blame on the Republicans, then this country has totally abdicated its responsibility as adults to demand accountability from its elected officials.  Obama has been playing at being President ever since he was elected in 2008. He needs to realize that it is he, and he alone, that we are holding accountable for the results of the fiscal cliff. It is not Valerie Jarrett, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid,  or any of Obama’s senior aides and staff’s job to lead—it is Obama!

The mantra of the “wealthy must pay their fair share” is ridiculous in the extreme because they actually pay double their fair share. How, you may ask? Think about this: a woman has an idea for a company. She goes out and finds investors— people to lend her money to buy equipment, and hire employees—and starts her business. She takes part of  her pay in stock in her company. The company does well, and she gets paid back some of the profit (as does every other shareholder) in the form of dividends on her stocks (shares) which she also has to pay taxes on again! Plus, if that woman becomes really successful (a multi-millionaire) when she passes away the government steps in again, and takes a nice chunk of change called an “estate tax.”  How in the world does anyone not consider this to be “not paying their fair share?”

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