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Bumps in the Road in Obama’s World


We heard ad nauseam for months Obama on the campaign trail, excoriating Republicans with the metaphor that Republicans had driven the economy into the ditch.

“You can ride in the back, but you can’t drive anymore!” was the constant Obama refrain.

Of course, when America realized that the Obama economy was far worse than the Republican economy had ever been, with the economy not in a ditch but heading towards a fiscal cliff, Obama switched his metaphor to “bumps in the road” to explain his own inept handling of the economy.

This “bumps in the road” metaphor has expanded to not only the economy but everything that Obama has wrecked. Obama has now called the anti-American rioting in two dozen Middle East countries and even the sodomy and murder of ambassador Chris Stevens “bumps in the road.”

What will he call Iranian nuclear annihilation of Israel—a pothole?

Iran has stated that if Israel preemptively strikes Iran’s nuclear facilities to prevent their annihilation, Iran will not only attack Israel, but the United States as well.

If Iran lobs a nuclear bomb onto the United States, will Obama call this a “fender bender?”

This man knows no shame.

He will not be happy until he has destroyed everything he touches.

We should call Obama not Commander-in-Chief, but Destroyer-in-Chief.


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