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BSA Committee Unanimously Rejects Political Correctness


An important American institution recently bucked continuous calls to take a politically correct stance on homosexuality, opting instead to uphold a moral position it has maintained for more than a century.

A panel of 11 Boy Scouts of America leaders has been discreetly considering a policy change that would allow gays, either scouts or leaders, to become involved in the program. The result of the two-year-long review was a resounding affirmation of the previous position, excluding homosexuals from the Boy Scouts.

BSA Chief Executive Bob Mazzuca stated the majority of those involved in the program support the decision. Of course, there are plenty on the radical left who vehemently disagree.

In its own way, the BSA is engaging in a brand of capitalism on which America has thrived. A private organization made a policy decision which, while not satisfying everyone, was deemed most appropriate for its constituents.

This is the basis for the supply-and-demand model, which works equally well with services as it does with physical products. After carefully considering both sides of the issue, leaders made a unanimous decision, which they felt would best suit the entire organization. The occasional scout kicked out for being gay makes for sensational headlines, but the group’s leaders must make decisions based on the big picture. In my opinion, that’s exactly what they did.

Liberals might have given the BSA kudos initially had the ruling gone otherwise, but a huge segment of its base would have immediately withdrawn their support. In the long run, the praise of leftists would dissipate as well, when another politically incorrect position came under fire. There’s no way to satiate those on the left hungry for blood, especially for members of an unashamedly Christian-based group dedicated to instilling traditional morals and values on the next generation.

These 11 unnamed leaders ruled with wisdom, preserving one of the last remaining all-American organizations. As for those within the organization vocally opposed to the decision, I hope and pray rational minds prevail.

Considering the constant bashing private businesses have taken under the current administration, though, I suppose one cannot rule out a direct decree, under the guise of inclusion, ordering the BSA to allow as many sexual deviants as show an interest. I can imagine the hesitation of parents to send children away with a scout leader who feels the need to identify himself through his sexuality will be of little importance to the left, except for the purpose of labeling them intolerant bigots.

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