Photo credit: Stéfan (Creative Commons)

As the Western Center for Journalism reported earlier this week, a float planned for Wednesday’s Rose Parade led to protest by traditional marriage advocates and those who wished to keep the annual event free from divisive themes.

Sponsored by the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, the float in question featured a homosexual wedding ceremony. Considering such unions are legal in only certain states, outraged Americans called for an advertiser boycott of the nationally televised parade.

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While the float was unveiled as planned, a number of local television networks across the U.S. apparently wanted to steer clear of controversy and did not spend much time – if any – elaborating on the offensive display. Of course, this led to many leftists complaining that the stations were treating that particular float unfairly.

In reality, some of the manufactured outrage was likely rooted in a desire to see stations give the pro-gay float added attention. The homosexual lobby consistently demands special consideration not afforded to the rest of society; so, it would not be surprising for the same activists to be upset when a float depicting their skewed values is given what they consider short shrift.

As has become the cultural norm, a number of Twitter users expressed their dismay upon noticing the float did not receive a prominent announcement.

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Even stations that did feature the float’s passing in full were criticized for not adding a glowing enough endorsement.

There were plenty of people who did see the outrageously provocative float, however; and their response naturally depended on their personal values.

There is obviously an ongoing debate in this nation between those who believe marriage should remain a covenant between a man and a woman and those who think the definition should be changed to reflect America’s moral devolution.

While a free society can certainly consider such issues, a supposedly family-friendly parade is not an appropriate venue through which to bombard viewers with a gratuitous display of homosexual activity.

Photo credit: Stéfan (Creative Commons)