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Brian Terry an honorable man and American hero: may he rest in peace


Last Saturday was the birthday of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, who died in the forlorn landscape in Rio Rico, AZ, a sacrificial lamb to this administration’s loss of honor.  Not surprisingly, there was no notice of the significance of the day in the media.

The young man was left to die by our government, a government without honor that no longer is proud enough to protect its own, a government that has sold itself out to political correctness, to the progressives’ code of dishonor, to a world that would have America die.

We were the first to break this tragic story about the series of bad Border Patrol-Homeland Security Agency policies now known as “Fast and Furious” that killed Brian Terry.  We received an anonymous tip that blew the secretive wide open: the U.S. D.O.J was conducting a massive gun sale to violent drug cartels.  Another tip has yet to be answered.  Was Brian Terry, a former Marine and a man who served his country proudly and honorably, allowed to die when the decision allegedly was made to airlift out the illegal alien first on the only BORSTAR copter available on the night of the December 2010 shootout?

Was Brian Terry killed by guns our very own government allowed to be sold to violent Mexican drug cartels, guns allowed to walk across our border? Did recent Congressional hearings even dare to ask if Agent Terry allegedly was allowed to bleed out as he was transported overland in the last ride of his life?  Why wasn’t he saved first? Our news tip said, “The word is out that when Agent Terry and the illegal alien, a bandit twice deported, were wounded in their shootout, the decision was made to airlift out the alien first on the only BORSTAR copter available!”  Our unconfirmed sources told us that Terry finally was loaded onto some overland vehicle and driven over rough desert roads to somewhere where another copter was parked.  TERRY APPEARS TO HAVE DIED EN ROUTE TO THE HOSPITAL said our tipster!

Consider the magnificent poem Brian wrote: “If Today Is To be the Day, So Be it,” a poem that carries more of America’s lost vision than anything the lost D.C. pit of hell ever possessed.  “If you seek to do battle with me today, you will receive the best I am capable of giving,” begins the honorable young man.  America’s once proud code of being the best, doing the most, and achieving and reaching as high as you can go now is the detestable code of the politicians’ pay to play. Politicians promise anything to get votes for their code of dishonor.  And make no mistake- the Hispanic vote this November is vital in Obama’s re-election playbook!  Brian Terry said, “May it never be said of me I was not a warrior.” Now he has become Obama’s first martyr.  “I fear the loss of my honor; rather to die fighting than have it said I died without courage,” said this great American patriot in our new war.

America has grown fat, foolish, fearful, and has allowed dishonorable politicians to manipulate Her into an ennui of failure. “I have constantly prepared myself for this day; I have trained, drilled, and rehearsed my actions so that I might have the best chance of defeating you,” said our magnificent young man.

“You may defeat me, but I am willing to die if necessary,” he then said, in the proud tradition of America’s warriors, led by Patrick Henry who said “Give Me Liberty or Give me Death.”

Brian Terry served our country and gave his life for our freedoms just as Patrick Henry did. May he forever rest in peace.

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