Bozell: Brian Williams, Shameless Partisan


“NBC Nightly News” is the highest-rated daily news show in the morning or evening. In mid-August, the show had been ranked No. 1 for 100 straight weeks, pulling an average of 7.7 million viewers. This makes Brian Williams the king of the TV-news hill. To be sure, it’s obviously a smaller hill than the Walter Cronkite era, but in political terms, Williams, like Cronkite, is E.F. Hutton. His newscast can set the tone across the rest of the “news” media.

But all that royalty evaporates in the presence of President Barack Obama. The contrast between Williams roaring like a lion against Obama’s Republican challengers at the Reagan Library on Sept. 8, and then bowing gently like a lamb at the White House two days later was jaw dropping.

In California, Williams blasted Gov. Rick Perry with this question: “Texas ranks last among those who have completed high school, there are only eight other states with more living in poverty, no other state has more working at or below the minimum wage. So is that the kind of answer all Americans are looking for?”

Later, Williams went at Perry again: “As you know, your state ranks among the worst in the country in high school graduation rates, as we established. Yet, you recently signed a budget cut for billions in education funding, you pushed for greater cuts than were in the budget that the legislature passed. You’ve said that education is a top priority, but explain cutting it the way you did, please?”

But Williams’ absolute worst moment arrived when he lost all sense of objectivity and fairness on the death penalty issue. “Your state has executed 234 death row inmates, more than any other governor in modern times. Have you struggled to sleep at night with the idea that any one of those might have been innocent?”

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