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Border Patrol Agent Nicholas Ivie Murdered Due to Obama’s Open Border


Barack Obama has told us that the border is safer than it has been for twenty years.

Barack Obama mocked those who wanted to strengthen the border, accusing them of “wanting to build a moat” on the border.

Tuesday morning, there was another fallen hero near the area where Brian Terry was murdered. Border Patrol agent Nicolas Ivie was gunned down serving his country.

The border’s safe?

Tell that to Nicolas Ivie’s family.

Will Obama ignore the Ivie family like he did the Brian Terry family?

If Nicolas Ivie’s murder is tied to Fast and Furious weapons, will Obama extend his illegal so-called “executive privilege” to suppress the documents?

The Fast and Furious documents should be released so we can get busy impeaching this President.

Because it’s obvious that not only Eric Holder, but Barack Obama as well, knew all about arming the Mexican drug cartels.


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