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Book Review: The Faith of Ronald Reagan by Mary Beth Brown


By Monica, Hearts for Him

Spectacular, inspiring, encouraging – that is how I would describe this book. Mary Beth Brown has done a superb job sharing about the faith of this beloved president.
I was born during Reagan’s presidency and sadly I don’t remember much about that crucial period in our country’s history. It is only recently that I have taken a deeper interest in politics and have come to realize what an impact he had on this country. I always knew that he was a great president, but I absolutely fell in love with him in this book.
I was so inspired and encouraged by the first two chapters where we learn of Reagan’s mother, Nelle, and the impact that she had on her son’s life – the way that she taught him of her faith. I just loved reading about the mother that she was to this great man. The author really wove the character and personality of Nelle Reagan into President Reagan’s life story. Loved it.
I fell in love with this President who said that knowing God was more than knowing Who He was. I fell in love with this man who recognized God’s purpose in all things – that God moved in something as simple as a cloudy day. His love for God’s creation and God’s people moved me.
This was a fantastic book. I highly recommend it. I was a bit nervous about a political biography, I never do great reading the “big words” and endless pages that I am always left not understanding, but this book had none of that. It was personal and it was engaging – I couldn’t put it down, which I normally don’t say about a non-fiction book.

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