This is encouraging. On this week’s Meet the Press, Speaker of the House John Boehner was asked if he had turned his back on negotiating bipartisan compromises with President Obama. He replied, “I never give up, and I’ll never give up on this president and this process to try to help do what the American people sent us here to do.” He added:

We have honest differences with the president, and he knows it. And the fact is that I have worked all year is to take those difference and set them aside, and to find enough common ground to help our economy and help Americans get back to work…Our job, his job and my job, is to find enough common ground to do the right thing for the country every day.

Does the Speaker believe the Tea Party elected Republicans in the greatest wave election in a generation to “set aside” his differences with Obama and find “common ground”? Does he believe a policy somewhere between his and Obama’s would “help our economy”?

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That may explain why Boehner blinked on the debt ceiling, giving us the failed Super Committee; why he did nothing to stop the president’s illegal Libyan war; why he goes for golfing photo-ops with the president instead of holding this administration responsible for its various derelictions of duty and assorted sundry misdeeds.

What can we expect when “our” opposition leader sounds like this guy?

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