Photo credit: Center for American Progress (Creative Commons)

At this point, one might find it hard to believe that former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, before becoming an Independent a few years ago, actually billed himself as a Republican. The far-left billionaire, who was a Democrat earlier in his career, eschewed virtually any semblance of conservatism through his embrace of senseless bans and big-government solutions.

Now that he is out of office, having been replaced by the radical Bill De Blasio earlier this month, it seems Bloomberg’s political transition has come full circle. A recent report indicates the philanthropic ex-mayor donated $2.5 million to help Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

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The money went to the Senate Majority PAC, which is operated by activists close to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Former deputy mayor and Bloomberg aide Howard Wolfson said Reid’s involvement was a major factor in the donation.

He cited “the close relationship the mayor has developed with Leader Reid over the years working on issues of concern to New Yorkers” as a catalyst for the multi-million dollar gift.

The upcoming midterm election is shaping up to be a contentious one, especially in the Democrat-controlled Senate. While Republicans are outnumbered by 10, Democrats have 21 seats up for grabs this November.

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Bloomberg has apparently hitched his wagon to the Democrat cause, which provides some insight into his ideological makeup. Though he has financially supported candidates and causes in the past, this strategic contribution comes at a time of deep partisan divide.

Helping elect more Democrat legislators is, in effect, an endorsement of the Obama administration. While it was clear Bloomberg supported certain Obama proposals, such as gun control, this report suggests just how much he wants to see this socialist experiment succeed.

With an estimated $31 billion in net worth, Bloomberg has plenty of resources with which to fund a continuing crusade. The left relies on big donors to maintain a leg up on conservative rivals. With Bloomberg’s deep pockets now apparently aligned with the cause, it is now incumbent upon those on the right to take the battle where Democrats always fall short: the arena of ideas.

–B. Christopher Agee

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Photo credit: Center for American Progress (Creative Commons)