Blame Obama If racial unrest follows Zimmerman jury decision


Photo Credit: werthmedia Creative Commons

It should go without saying that love and pride of country should be the first qualifications for anyone seeking the presidency of America.

President Barack Hussein Obama came into the power of the White House as an activist—pushed by activists.

Foreboding for the future of America, Obama will always be an activist.  He doesn’t know what else to be because he’s always been an activist.  Even as an Illinois senator, he merely wore the title without doing any of the heavy lifting.

In the day-to-day running America,  Obama leans on the tools of activism and has been doing so ever since he first got elected.

Obama is really the long hoped for ‘King of the Isms’ who waited as long as 100 years for one of their own to come along and turn the tables on an unsuspecting and pliable civil society.

Read more at Canada Free Press. By Judi Mcleod.

Photo Credit: werthmedia (Creative Commons)


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