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Black History Month: A Race Hustler’s Dream


by Suzanne Eovaldi, CoachIsRight.com


“White America still owes us,” is the misguided mantra foisted on blacks for decades. That is upsetting to Lloyd Marcus, an unhyphenated American of African descent, who decries what February, Black History Month, has become in our nation. He says it has become the special time of the year when race hustlers pitch many new guilt trip entitlement programs to us and our politicians because, Marcus says, the hustlers are still stuck in the 1950′s angst of systematic abuse. But the conditions of yesterday no longer exist today, he says.  “Throughout American history, white folks, mostly Christians, suffered, sacrificed, and died to help set blacks free and move them forward,” he says.

Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the NAACP, and the Congressional Black Caucus are all part of race profiteering that sees February as the most wonderful month of the year.  Some guiltmongers  hit up businesses and nonprofit groups along with our educational and media complexes to squeeze out as much profit as possible, along with personal aggrandizement. “Our liberal anti-American public school system, the liberal media, and black race profiteering so-called leaders make no effort to encourage black youths to be proud Americans. They even discourage it,” Marcus says.

Over the New Year’s holiday, I watched the Lockdown marathon, which featured the juvenile court system in Lake County, Indiana. That happens to be my old beat as a news correspondent, in northwest Indiana. While I covered South Lake County and not major crime news in that area, many scenes became familiar. Young black males, all under age 18, came before the judge. One young man asked to be allowed to go home so he could be with his girlfriend and their second child. Even more disturbing was the fact that I only saw one older black male appear with his wife as they sat in court listening to their son’s offenses.  Where have all of the Black males gone? We need to rethink what these entitlement programs that pay nubile young women for having babies if there is no man in the house are doing to black families in this country.  Remember, Senator Patrick Moynihan warned us about this many years ago.

Marcus says that Black History Month “is a month in which black kids are taught they are victims and white kids are taught they are guilty.” He can’t understand why liberals keep obsessing on the evils of American history. In fact, he points out that the KKK was founded by the Democrats, and 360,000 mostly white Union soldiers died in the Civil War to free the slaves. “How many black youths know the Republican Party ended and abolished slavery in the U.S. and have championed Civil Rights more than any other political party,” he asks.

I’ll never forget being called a racist when a friend of a friend asked me what party I belonged to. That friendship was never the same. I came out of retirement for the third time because I just couldn’t stand what the media were doing to our country. I am one of only five percent of the nation’s reporters who are conservative, and only about 10 percent who are Republican.  I was inspired when I heard Mr. Marcus sing at a Tea Party gathering. He says, “Americans are good great people. I have met many of them while traveling nationally on Tea Party Express. This is why it so offends me seeing them slandered and abused by the liberal media in support of black Democrat race profiteers.”

So as we work our way through Black History month, I have to wonder how many black people who remain silent, really see our American reality as does our great patriot, Lloyd Marcus.

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This article originally appeared on CoachIsRight.com and appears here with permission.


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