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Billion Dollar Barry’s Re-Election Campaign


by Ford Jordan

Barack Obama recently announced on his website that he would be starting his re-election campaign more than a year-and-a-half before the election in November 2012. One of the reasons for the early launch of his presidential campaign is the large amount of money he aims to raise. If President Barack Obama succeeds in his goal, he will shatter the record for the most expensive presidential campaign ever. His goal is to raise $1 billion for his 2012 elections. This would put him at a huge advantage over his competition.

This is Not What America Needs

As a rule I usually try not to care as much about politics because it is sometimes quite frankly depressing. But when I was reading a news articles on CNN that announced that Barack Obama has already started his presidential campaign and that he wanted to raise $1 billion, I was irritated for several reasons. The first major irritant for me about Obama’s presidential campaign is that America is currently in and attempting to come out of one of the largest recessions we have seen since the Great Depression. America needs strong leadership. This is one of the greatest opportunities in recent history for an American president.

Instead of seizing this opportunity, Obama thinks he should be focusing his time and energy on other things, like getting elected next November. This is not what America needs, and it reflects completely disordered presidential priorities.

A successful presidency would be a campaign unto itself. The fact that Obama feels that he needs to start campaigning so early means that he must feel his presidency is not good enough to stand on its own. Obama is trying to make up for his poor presidency through a well-honed marketing campaign. It just goes to show that Obama and his staff are much better at marketing a candidate than running a country. Hopefully, America will realize this during the 2012 elections.

Obama is Disconnected From the America People

The second thing that really irritates me is the wastefulness of his campaign. America is coming out of a huge recession. America got into huge trouble because we did not save enough, and many Americans have been living paycheck-to-paycheck. American citizens have to practice financial responsibility. People are starting to save their money and pay down their personal debts. There is a real push for learning to do without luxuries. The last thing that America needs, or wants, is for its president to be break campaign spending records. It is a bad use of money and it shows that Obama has no idea what being financially conservative looks like or what the American people want, let alone what they need. America wants him to balance the budgets, but instead he is breaking spending records for political campaigns.

All Obama really cares about it is being re-elected. He has done a bad job at being president, but instead of trying to fix his mistakes and make things right, he is unleashing a huge presidential campaign to try to make people forget his mistakes. I feel this is a terrible decision, and it shows that Obama doesn’t know what is best for our country. He shouldn’t be re-elected for president in 2012, and hopefully no matter how much money he spends, that won’t change. I am only one angry citizen, so let me know your thoughts and whether you agree or disagree. Leave a comment. Talk to people about this.

Don’t let Obama manipulate our country.

Ford Jordan.


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