Billboard cartel crumbling on eligibility issue?


One of the three major media conglomerates that banned display of WND’s “Where’s the birth certificate?” billboards more than a year ago has changed its tune.

CBS recently began wooing WND’s business, with one of its agents explaining that opposition to the campaign has crumbled in light of the deep recession within the outdoor advertising industry. However the agent also discouraged the idea of any news coverage of CBS Outdoor’s second thoughts.

In response, Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, said he has no interest in taking up CBS on its offer – and neither will he consider any offers from the other two members of what he calls “the billboard cartel” that
banned the campaign when he launched it in May 2009.

“CBS, Lamar and Clear Channel all took a position in opposition to this campaign claiming it was somehow deceptive,”
reminded Farah. “Since then, and in large part due to this campaign, the eligibility issue has captured the imaginations of a majority of the American people. Therefore, CBS, Lamar and Clear Channel are going to have to live with the consequences of their decision to ban legitimate, constitutionally protected political speech. Until those companies issue a public apology for their inappropriate decision, WND will not entertain any idea of bringing its business to them. We have found we don’t need those companies to get the message out. We would prefer to work with media companies that respect the First Amendment and those that are not intimidated by politically motivated speech regulators in Washington.”

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