Bill O’Reilly Reaches Nearly Five Million Viewers Thursday


Cable news ratings, January 28, 2010: Check out the highlights, and see the full ratings below:

Bill O'Reilly SC

• Bill O’Reilly was not just the top-rated cable news host Thursday night, he had almost five million total viewers (4,799,000). Coming in second place was Glenn Beck, with 3,514,000 total viewers. Sean Hannity finished in second place in the A25-54 demographic.

• The top non-FNC show in the demo was Nancy Grace at 8pmET for HLN and in total viewers was Keith Olbermann at 8pmET for MSNBC.

5p:      6p:        7p:         8p:         9p:       10p:      11p:

FNC  Beck:    Baier:    Shep:    O’Reilly:    Hannity:    Greta:    O’Reilly:
3514     2980     2795     4799 3461       2437     1714

CNN  Blitzer:    Blitzer:    Blitzer:    Brown:    King:    Cooper:    Cooper:
599        669        533        677     1048     799         564

MSNBC  Matthews: EdShow:  Matthews:  Olbie:  Maddow: Olbie:    Maddow:
449          507     575           1107  1037     668        483

HLN    Prime:    Prime:    Issues:    Grace:    Behar:    Grace:       Showbiz:
278       210       437          895     970       391         435

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