Bill Maher and Tim Tebow: Self-loathing vs. Grace


Now that Christmas is over and atheists can crawl back into their holes until Easter, Bill Maher’s now infamous “Tim Tebow Tweet” requires perspective. The tweet, posted on Christmas Eve day, read:

Wow, Jesus just f**ked Tim Tebow! And on Xmas Eve! Somewhere in hell Satan is tebowing, saying to Hitler “Hey, Buffalo’s killing them.”

Maher was referring to the Buffalo Bills pounding the Denver Broncos, implying that Tebow ascribes touchdowns to God.

He doesn’t, never has, but Bill is creative. It can be claimed that he was needling, that the controversy was intended, and that he achieved his desire: bluster in his name. Any publicity – even negative publicity – is good for those who make hay stirring pots.

That said, Maher is atheist, his following, by and large, that portion of the American populace that loathes “piety” because we all know piety – a strong belief in God and observance of religious principles in daily life – is “hypocritical.” Who needs piety – and virtue, for that matter – when there are better options: food stamps, pot dispensaries, subsidized abortion…. Maher feeds off “hatred of piety,” but as I put on my Psychologist – make that Psychiatrist – hat, the stream of hate is multi-layered. Expectedly, the response was quick and, save for comments on his Facebook page, negative. Declaring that Jesus f***ed a Christian on Christmas Eve brought rebuke, and one could sense him doubling down. Subsequent tweets were consistent:

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