Bill Daley’s Advice to Obama: Get Re-elected like Truman did- Avoid the Issues, Just Focus on GOP “Extremism.”


Can It Work?   Not if Paul Ryan Gets on the Ticket for the Defense.

Some day after we’re all dead, revisionist historians will calculate that this 44th president, Barack Obama, in addition to being the worst president from the standpoint of patriotism pro-U.S. motivation, was the most inept.

They will likely cite as Evidentiary One, his utter failure to craft a budget.   The American people would have been informed about this incompetence long before this but the national media, accustomed to its role of running interference for him on his murky background, scant evidence of scholarship, mysteriously unavailable college records and dearth of classmates who knew him in Indonesia schools as well as Occidental, have covered up his ineptitude once again.

As this is one of the few places you’ll get the news straight about this so-called genius’ deficiencies, consider his two—yes, two—budget addresses.

Obama’s Two Phony Budgets.

The first one was delivered as the Constitution provides, last February.  He forecast that it would reduce the $14 trillion deficit by a trillion.    But the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office which examines such things as economic assumptions and baselines, said:  Uh-uh, sorry Mr. President.  It won’t reduce the deficit by a trillion over 10 years but using your assumptions we can tell you it will hike the deficit by $2.1 trillion.

Then Wisconsin’s Republican congressman Paul Ryan, a numbers whiz whom Obama earlier had praised,  produced a counter-budget and submitted his numbers, economic assumptions and baselines to the CBO for scoring i.e. getting approval for using the right forecast.    Ryan’s is a very tough budget but since worry about the deficits are high on the public mind right now,  his roadmap convinces many that it’s the kind of tough, bitter medicine the nation gets to get back on a solid track.

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