Bill Clinton rips ‘birthers’


Former President Bill Clinton is taking the so-called “birthers” to task for ignoring evidence that President Barack Obama was born in the United States.

Clinton made the comments during a commencement address at Yale University on Sunday as part of a critique of American media consumption habits.

Bill Clinton 2 SC

“The only place where we’re bigoted now is we only want to be around people who agree with us,” Clinton said. “In our media habits, we go to the television shows, we go to the radio talk shows we go to the blog sites that agree with us. And it can have very bizarre consequences.”

The former president pointed to the “birthers” an example of one of those “bizarre consequences.”

“Hawaii, the state where President Obama was born, has done everything they can to debunk this myth that he wasn’t born in America,” Clinton said. “They’ve done everything but blow up his birth certificate, put it in neon lights and hang it on the dome in the Capitol.”

“But 45 percent of registered Republicans still believe that he is serving unconstitutionally,” Clinton insisted, though he did not identify the poll.

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