By Chad Groening, One News Now

Media is biased against policy

Media is biased against policy

The Media Research Center has reported on its website that Wednesday’s Situation Room program on CNN devoted nearly three times as much time to clips from advocates of repealing the ban on homosexuals serving in the military than the one sound bite from a proponent of keeping the policy.

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The two advocates — Representative Patrick Murphy (D-Pennsylvania); and Genevieve Chase, and a female Iraq war veteran — had 33 seconds of air time, compared to the 12 seconds allotted the conservative spokesman Tommy Sears, who serves as executive director of the Center for Military Readiness (CMR).

He says CMR is used to coming up against a stacked deck. “We are considerably outnumbered, and I suppose the report also reflects that reality as well,” he notes. “But that is why outlets like yourself and alternative media continue to increase in popularity, I believe. People want to turn to sources that they can trust and have confidence in.”

According to Sears, the CNN reporter distorted the truth when he said that “don’t ask, don’t tell” was a compromise of the original 1993 law passed by Congress.

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