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Perhaps the two establishment candidates ought to read how God describes those who gossip, lie, and sow discord.

Another pet peeve I have is when those who claim to be a conservative use a play from the liberal playbook and try to emotionally manipulate the electorate.

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For example, Treadwell justifies his support for liberal Lisa by stating that she was the very first person who called him when his wife died many years ago. Call me a skeptic, but I find that highly unlikely. He also uses the ploy that he is grateful his single mother did not abort him in 1956 when abortion wasn’t even legal. Single mother or not, all of us who are alive are grateful our mothers did not abort us. His emotional ploys do not work for those who are smart enough to realize that there is no excuse to justify helping elect a liberal.

I thank God there is someone running in the US Senate race in Alaska who is as genuine as they come. Someone who knows what it means to represent the people because he has no establishment ties, who has integrity, deep moral conviction, and the fortitude to do in Washington DC exactly what he says. His values, record, and words have never changed; and his message is one of true conservatism.

Recently, on July 3rd, one of the most listened-to talk show radio hosts in Alaska, Dan Fagan, summed up the US Senate race nicely: “Joe (Miller) you are my kind of politician. You are committed. You are a constitutional conservative. You are as much like the founding fathers than any other candidate we have ever had in this state… I believe in you.”

He continued, “I think you would make an outstanding Senator. I think if we had more people like you this country would turn around much quicker as opposed to more of the establishment Republicans.”

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Thank you, Dan Fagan. I couldn’t have said it better myself. As the song says, “Let Joe do it. Joe Miller is the one.”

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