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Beverages now subject to TSA search


According to one recent report, TSA agents are now testing the beverages of waiting passengers, including drinks bought at the airport.

Pay attention to the fact that these are not individuals attempting to pass through security, but those simply waiting to board their flight. I completely understand the need for sensible scrutiny of airline passengers, but the TSA repeatedly proves that their decisions are anything but sensible.

In this particular case, there are no reports of the TSA explaining why they are checking drinks, only that they can.

I’m not a very frequent flyer, but I know that when I buy anything inside the airport, I’m paying a premium. Knowing that an overzealous TSA agent can come over and seize my soda for “testing” makes purchasing one very unlikely. As I previously stated, there’s no shortage of inefficient and foolhardy moves by the agency charged with protecting American flights.

From snatching a 3-year-old’s teddy bear to strip-searching a nonagenarian (including her adult diaper), there’s no age, gender, sex, or race immune to the arbitrary reach of the TSA. Except, apparently, for one. Simply suggesting a person of Middle Eastern descent might warrant a little extra scrutiny, despite the fact that this is an accurate description of virtually every terrorist of the past 30 years, will cause the left to play the bigotry card.

What else would one expect from an administration with a stated position of exempting Muslim women from pat-downs. Sure, but there’s no way great-grandma’s Depends are off limits.

Most reading this are likely familiar with the recent incident of a TSA agent laughing as she spilled the cremated remains of a passenger’s grandfather on the airport floor.

The fact that there are such regular reports of these blatant abuses of power makes me very thankful I am an infrequent flyer. It also makes me dread the next flight I take.

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