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Barack Obama’s walk down the Gay marriage plank


As November gets closer, with few options open to him, Barack Obama has elected to gamble that he can walk on a very narrow plank to victory. In May, when Obama “evolved” back to being for gay “marriage”, he was taking a calculated risk. He knew, or should have known, that he would face a strong backlash from his African American base. When the backlash came, it was a lot stronger than anyone would have expected.

In 2008, blacks flocked to the polls to vote for Obama at a 95% rate. That surge was enough to put him over the top and win the election.

Nevertheless, things are very different this year. Gay marriage has lost 32 public votes without a single victory and shows no signs of being backed by a majority of Americans in general and African Americans in particular. African American ministers are not just disappointed with Obama; they are furious with him over his newly “evolved” position. To make things worse for Obama, he has stubbornly refused to even meet with Rev. William Owens, a powerful leader in the black church who wants answers.  It has now been a full month since Rev. Owens requested a White House meeting with the president, and so far, he has been ignored.

Democrats double down on gay marriage

The Democrat National Committee has announced that it will include support for gay marriage as one of the centerpiece issues it will give Obama to run on. There is now no way to turn this around. If the Democrats back down on this issue, they will lose gay money and further depress their already unenthusiastic Leftist base. If they don’t back down, they will feel a backlash from their African America supporters not seen in modern history. Two separate polls, one in North Carolina  (PPP) and the other in Georgia  (Gallup), found the same level of discontent with Obama – 20% of black respondents said they would either not vote for Obama or actually vote for Mitt Romney.

In the face of this damned if you do/damned if you don’t situation, the fortunes of Barack Obama are very much in doubt.

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Photo credit: khalid Albaih (Creative Commons)

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