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Barack Obama’s Impeachable Offense


Reading the headlines the past few weeks has been like a page out of the book of Revelation. Barack Obama riding on his red horse has been foretelling a literal Armageddon if the so-called “draconian” sequestration cuts go into effect.

But Armageddon turned into Chicago’s cutthroat streets with Obama’s Al Capone-like thugs shaking down enemies when pundits, politicians, and journalists began to show that Obama as John the Baptist crying in the wilderness was really the boy crying wolf.

That the sequestration amounted to about two percent of the budget, that the “draconian” sequestration cuts were Obama’s idea. That it was all a sham to get another tax hike on the “fat cat millionaires and billionaires.”

Of course, the leftist media easily spun the narrative for Obama, blaming those evil Republicans.

At least until journalistic giant Bob Woodward came on the scene, setting the record straight. It was hard to argue against Woodward’s facts, given that he had written an entire book, The Price of Politics, describing the whole sequestration debacle.

So the Obama White House did what they do best: the shakedown.

Obama minion and thug Gene Sperling sent Woodward a threatening email, basically telling him to keep his mouth shut:

But I do truly believe you should rethink your comment about saying saying that Potus asking for revenues is moving the goal post. I know you may not believe this, but as a friend, I think you will regret staking out that claim.

Team Obama’s mistake was that they weren’t dealing with one of their hacks in the mainstream media. This was the man who had brought down Richard Nixon. This was the man who, as the mainstream media began to drink Obama’s Kool-Aid, remained at the water cooler of real journalism.

And he began to sing like a canary. First on CNN. Then on Fox. Then, well, his words were beamed as millions of ones and zeros over the Internet, and Team Obama and the Left did the only thing that was left: mockery.

This was exemplified with Obama henchman David Plouffe’s tweet that Woodward’s statements were merely rantings of a senile old man. And the Left parroted this narrative ad nauseam. Woodward was washed up. Put him out to pasture. Nothing to see here, move on. Give Woodward a teaspoon of Geritol and wheel him out onto the patio.

Except then came Lanny Davis, former Bill Clinton special counsel who had been writing a column for the Washington Times. He too received the shakedown treatment from Team Obama.

Then the wheels began to fall off the sequestration bus.

The media began to turn on Obama.

Arne Duncan, Obama’s Education Secretary, was caught in a lie about the sequestration resulting in “thousands of teacher layoffs,” which was a total fabrication.

But this was only the innocuous part of Obama’s spin machine.

Beneath the surface, there was simmering what can only be called treason.

Barack Obama, putting politics above his primary duty as Commander-in-Chief—that of protecting it’s citizens—pulled the aircraft carrier U.S.S. Harry S. Truman out of commission, citing his phony sequestration cuts.

But this is mild compared to what he did next. Citing the “draconian” sequester cuts, Barack Hussein Obama opened the jail cells of hundreds of illegal aliens, letting them roam the streets to rape and maim and kill. And this is only the beginning. It has been reported that Obama will release ten thousand jailed illegal aliens.

And when his army of ten thousand criminals are done—make no bones about it—there will be dead bodies.

And Barack Hussein Obama will be an accessory to murder.

And that is an impeachable offense.

All as part of a ploy to get the rich to “pay their fair share.”

After Obama is impeached and removed from office—and impeachment proceedings should begin immediately—today—Barack Hussein Obama should be tried and convicted as an accessory to murder.

And then America should throw away the key.


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