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It would seem, however, that he could pee on Israel in public—he actually has come close—and still get 70% of the Jewish vote.

Some of those votes come from so-called “Jews” who want a hard left line and are perfectly willing to throw Israel under the bus to accomplish that goal.

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I would suggest that if you forget you are Jewish and that you had Jewish ancestors (some of whom died in German gas chambers with serial numbers tattooed on their forearms) and that absent a permanent reminder—like Israel—it could happen again, you are not very smart.  And one more thing.  Adolph Hitler killed EVERY Jew he could.  He didn’t sort them into liberals and conservatives.

If you think that defending the right to have an abortion, the right to get free birth control pills, and the right to have the government pay for your health care is more important than your ultimate right to practice the religion of your birth, than you are simply not thinking about the world in very clear terms. You have lost track of what the term “unalienable rights” really means.

If no other person of Jewish ancestry will say this in print because it is politically incorrect, let me be the one.

Barack Obama is dangerously close to being the anti-Semite that holds the most powerful job in the world who is a big enough amateur to allow Israel no support from the United States.  We may have had anti-Semitic Presidents in the past, but they at least were professional enough to know that they needed to support Israel and the Jewish people.

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This guy is not.

And I’m pretty sure that any Jew who supports him is both supporting him for the wrong reasons and will live to regret that support.

Barack Obama doesn’t deserve a single Jewish vote, much less 70% of them.

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