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Barack Obama has destroyed the Democrat brand name


A few hours from now, Barack Obama will accept his nomination to run for re-election before a wildly cheering crowd of hardcore true believers. As everything else the Democrats do, it will be a fraud. The people who coined the phrase “astroturfing” because the millions of TEA partiers who poured into Washington a few years ago scared them to the bone will be busing people in to make the place look full. Since we don’t know where it will be, “the place” is the best description of where he will speak.  If as is likely they can’t fill the football stadium, they will move Obama’s speech indoors to a place with fewer seats to fill.

On Tuesday morning, the first day of the convention, ABC radio aired an interview of a DELEGATE to the DNC who said she was unsure of what she would do in November!

These data points make the case that Obama is destroying the Democrat brand name.

Rasmussen reports that for the first time since they started surveying likely voters on the issue, more voters identify themselves as Republicans than as Democrats. The spread is not inconsequential. At this point (only two months from Election Day), 37.6% of likely voters say they are Republicans, and just 33.3% self-identify as Democrats. This 4.3 point spread puts Democrats only .9% above their lowest level ever recorded. The most important point is that just before the 2010 election Republican landslide, they held only a 1.3 point lead.

On the day he was inaugurated, Barack Obama had a commanding lead among elected officials across the country. Democrats held 56 Senate seats; now they hold 53. They had 257 seats in the House of Representatives; now they have 190 seats. Democrats held the governor’s offices in 29 states; now they are in control of twenty statehouses. At the state level, Democrats have lost 754 Assembly and State Senate seats.

In the most important swing state of Florida, the past thirteen months have told the story about how damaged the name Democrat has become in the Sunshine State. The Republican Party reports it registered 118,000 new members, and the Democrats registered ONE THOUSAND – that’s 1000!

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