Barack Obama, Apologize To Sarah Palin


Dear Mr. Obama,

You phone Sandra Fluke because Rush Limbaugh called her a slut and prostitute? You, Obama, after your nullification of the First Amendment Religious Clause with demanding Catholic institutions violate their conscience; after an “accommodation,” whereby you compel a private insurance company/organization to supply contraception, sterilization, and abortifacients, for “free”? We know your “accommodation” is a shell game. Us Americans who cling to our guns and religion aren’t falling for your game.

Mr. Obama, I want you to get on your computer and Google “Sarah Palin” and “whore/slut/cunt/twat,” etc. ad nauseam and locate each person/organization/network/entity that has leveled the epithet against her and condemn each one. Then for each comment, phone Sarah Palin and apologize.

You will be very, very very busy, BHO, as that search yields millions of hits, not just from the likes of your lackeys in the MSM. As our General and Hero Andrew Breitbart said, he’s giving each of us a dog whistle, and we’re listening to every word you say, and holding you to the same standards of your totalitarian blather.

Oh, and by the way: After you get done apologizing to Sarah Palin, you can pick up the phone and apologize to the families of Brian Terry, Jaime Zapata, and the hundreds of those grieving in Mexico that lost loved ones because of Fast and Furious. Didn’t have time to call them, but had time to call Fluke, huh? When you’ve rested from all the calling, then get on the horn again, and call and apologize to the families of the seven heroes that lost their lives in Afghanistan after you groveled to Hamid Karzai about the accidental Quran burnings.

Andrew Breitbart is dead, but millions have arisen in his place.

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