Barack Obama and the Open Question


Sitcom fans will recall a particularly memorable episode of the iconic show Seinfeld – “The Fatigues” in Season Eight – in which two characters accidentally mix up a pair of manuscripts, not realizing their error until they go on stage in their respective venues.

Comic Kenny Banya accidentally delivers a serious lecture on risk management to his comedy club audience… and George Costanza delivers a comedy routine on Ovaltine to a bewildered corporate audience expecting to hear the risk management lecture.

To each audience, the inappropriateness of the speech for the venue overwhelms the question of content – whether the Ovaltine routine is funny or not isn’t even considered by the corporate crowd; they’re too baffled by the fact that our George would give such a speech at all, so far off from his assigned subject matter.

So it was when President Barack Hussein Obama called for a joint session of Congress in the days before the tenth anniversary of the September 11 attack, to give a speech on “Jobs.”

The speech he delivered was petulant, mean-spirited, hectoring. It was Obama at his worst – showcasing his incredible arrogance, his unabashed partisanship, his combative warrior style of bullying Chicago Machine style politics. It would have been perfectly normal at a Labor Day rally or a private Democratic Party fundraising event, in the safe and comfortable confines of the Palmer House or a union hall.

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