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Barack Hussein Obama: The Manchurian President

Dr. Evil himself couldn’t have dreamed up a better plot to destroy America.


Many who distrust Obama consider themselves birthers, spreading the meme that Obama was born in Kenya and therefore ineligible to be president of the United States.  These people believe that Obama was born overseas, that he is a Jihadist in hiding, and that his agenda is to destroy the power and influence of the United States around the globe.  The mainstream media demonizes these beliefs.  I have, however, always counseled my friends on the left to look at the results of their policies versus how they make them feel.  With the recent events in Syria, Iran, and now Crimea, I believe this advice works when regarding our president as well.  For at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if Obama is a wolf in sheep’s clothing or not; the results are the same.

One does not have to look very far for a long list of examples.  Let’s start with the U.S. economy.  For the first time in many decades, America has the chance to become energy independent.  We now have an estimated 300 years worth of hydrocarbons under our own feet.  We could bolster our national security by exporting this windfall to our allies in Europe and wean them off Russian gas.  If we focused on developing and harvesting this sector, our economy would explode with access to cheap and plentiful energy.  The Obama administration has steadfastly refused to take advantage of this fact.  Even in the face of Russian aggression, we have not heard a word about using energy to contain Putin.  Our healthcare system, commonly known as the best in the world, is being purposefully destroyed before our very eyes.  This is being accomplished by lying to the American people over and over again.  It’s so screwed up that no one even knows what’s going on.

On the national security front, Obama has coined a new phrase, “Leading from behind.”  He has stood aside and abandoned long-term U.S. allies in the Middle East one by one.  Israel can no longer count on the United States to stand with her as she defends herself against an emerging Islamist government tidal wave and terrorist threats emerging from the Arab Spring.  Iran soon will have a nuclear capability, and the administration has been in appease mode for years.

China is threatening its neighbors with air defense zones over contested territory.  A Chinese military official last year threatened to destroy the Japanese economy by attacking their bond market due to Japan’s overwhelming sovereign debt.  They want the Senkaku Islands.  After the U.S. response to Russian actions in Crimea, might they just take them?  What about our friends in Taiwan?  Would you count on Obama to support you in the face of Chinese threats?  The Chinese military is also showing photographs of war games highlighting nuclear missile tracks over American cities.

Ally after ally has been abandoned or humiliated.  Obama returned the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office to the United Kingdom.  I’ve mentioned Israel and Egypt.  Poland and the Czech Republic were shocked when Obama removed anti-missile systems from Europe.  But I’m sure Joe Biden can calm things down with his trip there this week.

NASA has been turned into an agency for Muslim outreach.  Control of the internet is being turned over to the international community and will be open to Chinese and Russian control.  Obama has withdrawn in disgrace from Iraq and now most likely will do the same in Afghanistan.  All of the blood and treasure America spent to enhance U.S. national security in the region will have been wasted as the Taliban and Iran retake the area.

The administration now wants to shrink the United States Army to pre-WWII levels.  The Russian threat notwithstanding, in the face of all the other global threats I’ve mentioned, why in the world would any U.S. president even consider such a reduction?  Any reasonable person must consider this question:  What is the agenda of this administration?

So now let’s discuss what’s been going on in Ukraine.  It has been no secret that Vladimir Putin’s goal is to reestablish the Russian sphere of influence in the former Soviet territories.  In spite of this, we have seen the Obama administration lie prostrate in front of Putin time and time again.  Whether it be Iran, Syria, or recent events in Crimea, the response has been the same.  With the naivete in responding to the events in Kiev and the surrounding area, either by discussing national security on an unsecure line, or completely misunderstanding the Russian historical ties to the region, this administration has been a bumbling mess.  Or again, is there a darker agenda?  One must remember the Obama quote to Medvedev, when it was very obvious Russia wanted to further reduce the American nuclear arsenal: “Please tell Vladimir I’ll have more flexibility after the election.”  Those words now seem downright frightening.

Can we expect Obama allowing Taiwan to become Chinese?  American space research to be abolished? The chance to become energy independent thwarted?  Meanwhile, half the American public has become dependent on the government.  Obama is strangling the economy with truckloads of new regulations.  He picks and chooses what laws to enforce, weakening American rule of law and fomenting racial division.

Dr. Evil himself couldn’t have dreamed up a better plot to destroy America.


L. Todd Wood is a former special operations helicopter pilot and bond trader.  His thriller novel Currency deals with overwhelming sovereign debt.    His website is LToddWood.com

The views expressed in this opinion article are solely those of their author and are not necessarily either shared or endorsed by WesternJournalism.com.


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