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What about the black Christian American, Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, being held prisoner in the Sudan? She has been sentenced to death for being Christian. Obama has done nothing to help Mariam. Why?

No matter who you are, or where you are, children are special; and everything should be done to save them. With that in mind, what about the 250 girls Boko Haram kidnapped? Did you know there was a time when Obama refused to classify Boko Haram as terrorists? Why? Consider the appalling predicament of those young female prisoners. Reports from Nigeria told of the girls being sold into slavery. Obama should have rescued those girls. Does Obama back the Muslim Brotherhood? Does he believe in Sharia Law? Worst of all, does he refuse to do anything about SLAVERY?

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Obama has done nothing. Why?

These are only a few of the things he has done, but we need to evaluate these and see if we can come up with some common factors. Obama helped Bowe Berghadl, who is white, possibly a deserter and confidant of the Muslim Brotherhood, and most likely a Muslim. Did you know that after he deserted, six to eight American soldiers died trying to find him? He was a deserter, but Obama is giving him a promotion.

Obama refused to help those in Benghazi who were white and more than likely Christian (and definitely not Muslim.) Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi is white and believed to be Christian. Obama has done nothing to Nidal, who should be executed; but here is an interesting fact about Muslims. If a Muslim kills infidels, another Muslim is not allowed to execute said Muslim for what is considered to be a non-crime. We can conclude from this that Nidal will not be executed while Obama is President. Obama has done nothing to rescue Mariam Yahya Ibrahim, who is to be executed for apostasy. She is a black Christian. He has done nothing for the black children that Boko Haram sold into slavery because they are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and believe in, and enforce, Sharia Law.

The facts show that Obama will not help Christians, whether they are white, black, or female. He will defend members of the Muslim Brotherhood and those practicing Sharia Law. He supplies weapons to the Muslim Brotherhood while classifying Christians as terrorists. He even said that if he is forced to side with Muslims or Christians, he will side with Muslims. I find it interesting Obama is always being accused of lying. Did you know under Muslim law, taqiyya (saying something that isn’t true to unbelievers) is permissible in order to defeat the enemy.

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Obama doesn’t really stand for American values. I’m afraid he is like the Manchurian Candidate, and ALL Americans are in danger.

In reality, Mr. Obama is neither black nor white; he is Arab.

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