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“Bankrupt Starbucks”: An Original Poem


Photo credit: kevinix (Creative Commons)

In light of the well publicized hostility expressed by the radically depraved activists who run Starbucks, allow me to share my brief ode to Starbucks fittingly titled “Bankrupt Starbucks!!!


Your politics truly make us sick

Watch helplessly as this boycott sticks


Burnt coffee grossly overpriced

Your profits to be put on ice


Away with your Tall, your Grande, your Venti

Stupid green siren is no longer trendy


Feel free to go stuff your Caramel Macchiato

CEO Howard Schultz soon to be terminado


We’re dumping the Starbucks and making some noize

As dimwit Sean Penn whines ‘wonderful choice’


It’s time we finally take a stand

Traditional marriage, woman and man!


Go to: DumpStarbucks.com

Photo credit: kevinix (Creative Commons)

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