Chris Matthews: How Do ‘Tea Party Crackpots Keep Winning?’


Diversity of thought on MSNBC: Liberal Chris Matthews on Wednesday talked to liberal journalist David Corn and liberal Congressman Steve Israel about the “Tea Party crackpots” and whether the GOP is trying to “sabotage” the economy in order to defeat Barack Obama.

With no conservative or Republican in the Hardball segment, Matthews seriously wondered to David Corn: “I know you are an advocate but you’re also an journalist. Why do Tea Party crackpots keep winning elections out in the country?” Not shockingly, the Nation journalist cited the Tea Party’s ability to “exploit” anger. Matthews summarized, “…[Democrats] believe in government.”

Later, the MSNBC anchor wondered if the Republicans are going to try and “stop the government” before the election in order to bring Obama down.

Matthews posed this question to Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Chairman Chair Israel: “Let me ask you, am I too strong in saying this is a sabotage campaign?”

Again, not shockingly, Israel did not think it was too strong.

Read More at Media Research Center. By Scott Whitlock.


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