Axelrod Interview: Ad Spending, the Ground Game, Reaching “Persuadables”



Reporters from several news organizations, including RealClearPolitics, interviewed Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod in Parma, Ohio, Thursday after President Obama’s speech there.

What’s your response to the $100 million raised by Romney campaign and announced today?

Congratulations, they had a good month.

What about taunts on Twitter from the Romney camp today?

I mean, I don’t think that — ultimately — that this race will be determined on monthly fundraising, and we’ve already been honest, not because of what they’re raising, but about what the super PACs are raising — that we’re going to be outspent. It seems to me that they were looking for some good news today, and this is the best they had.

The race is not coming down to money?

I’ve said it always concerns me — you know the monthly numbers are not as big. . . . The fact that Sheldon Adelson can go to the cage in his casino and pull $10 million out and send it to Restore Our Future or to anybody or to Rove — that’s a bigger concern. I think ultimately you can have all the money you want, but if you don’t have the right candidate and the right message . . . They’ve spent an awful lot of money in the last few months, and it’s hard to see what that bought them.

You’ve said you don’t think the Romney campaign is focused on the ground game and the grassroots.

I don’t think you buy grassroots. We have an organization, and that is helpful, and some of that is paid. But you either inspire activity at the grassroots, or you don’t. I don’t see anything to suggest to me that that’s going to be Gov. Romney’s strength in this race.

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