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David Fiorazo is an author, radio personality, writer, and professional actor. He has worked in the broadcast industry for 30 years and toured the United States as a drummer in Christian bands. While living in Los Angeles, he acted in television shows including General Hospital, in commercials, and was very involved in the Christian community. In his travels across the country, David became concerned about fading family values in America and growing complacency among Christians. He also saw increasing hostility toward Jesus Christ in every aspect of our culture, especially in the mainstream media. The catalyst that led him to start writing which eventually inspired his 2012 book was what David calls, “the most corrupt, one-sided media in American history who refuses to report the truth.” Seeing the increase of immorality and the attacks on conservatives, David decided to speak the truth to whoever would listen regardless of the cost, the opposition or the resistance. He is undaunted in his belief that, though our time is short, America and the church are worth fighting for. David is currently helping wake up Christian conservatives in Wisconsin.

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DUCKing The Issue Of Sin: Should Christians Remain Silent?

Much has been written regarding the fallout between A&E and Duck Dynasty’s Robertson family and this debate is much too important to dismiss after only a week or two of dialogue. The primary reason these public squabbles rarely get resolved is there is now a clear cultural divide in America, and both sides cannot coexist peacefully any longer. There is too much at stake.

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