Pamela Barnett

About the Author Pamela Barnett

Recently retired Army Captain author of Obama Never Vetted: The Unlawful President, The National Security Loopholes in Our Democracy and Ensuing Conspiracy That Endanger America (available at Amazon). Currently trying to organize an effort to pose election challenges in the swing states - contact me directly at pamelabarnett @ Have been very active in the Obama ineligibility movement from the very beginning in 2008 including suing aka Obama for his records (Barnett, Keyes et al v. Obama) and suing the Secretary of State of California to force her to obtain records to vet Obama's in-eligibility (Noonan et al vs. Bowen is on appeal). President of the non-profit, Founder and Director of the Obama State Ballot Challenge (, editor of (lately neglected but will gear up again if we don't overturn election). Have seen first hand the tyranny of the state and federal court systems, the federal agencies and Congress in not only allowing an ineligible fraud Obama remain in the White House but actively committing crimes to cover it up. I have spent the last 4 years volunteering my time to the effort to bring Obama's in-eligibility and fraud crimes to justice.