Scott Ruppert

About the Author Scott Ruppert

I am the BasicMan. Nothing special. I’ve been successful and I’ve failed. I eat red meat, enjoy a cold beer and a good cigar. While I tend to lean right, I find plenty of room to find both sides of the aisle in Congress distasteful. Deficits in spine, integrity, honesty, a sense of humor, and loyalty, don’t play well. I am an avid capitalist and have confidence in the power of the marketplace. In spite of our faults, I think America is a great country and our constitution, an incredible institution. I respect the power of nature more than the will of humans therefore find major elements in the global warming debate to be incredibly arrogant. I root for the underdog and believe the unborn fit that category. With the exception of speed limits, I tend to follow rules. Nature is awesome; but without sports, music, and art; life would be beige. I love my wife and kids. I even like them. I know God and frankly, He seems to know me (why he should even care is still a mystery). Pretty basic stuff. This site puts life on the table from that perspective. Trust me on this one: in spite of your education, wealth, and position in society you’re probably a basicman too.