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Austin Charges $1 Per Year Rent To Abortion Clinic

Yes, you read that right.


While small business owners are having a hard time staying in business during the Obama economic disaster, the City of Austin is only charging $1 per year rent to the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics.

That’s right. Planned Parenthood, more appropriately nicknamed ‘Planned Barrenhood’, gets far better than ‘most favored nation’ status. They get a totally unfair boost from big government for offering their murderous services to underage girls who get pregnant and never tell mom or dad and visit the clinic again and again and again–all compliments of U.S. taxpayers’ subsidization of the biggest and most horrific exterminator of pre-born Americans in the history of our once great Republic.

How dare government politicians spend our money like that! How dare they even allow this evil practice, no less subsidize it–without the vote of taxpayers who fund it! And nationally, Planned Parenthood gets a half a billion dollars of federal funds per year.

But this is nothing new for the city of Austin. They haven’t just been subsidizing abortions for the past 4 years. They’ve offered this $1 per year rental of the huge government-owned facility to these butchers for the past 40 years! And it doesn’t matter how bad the economy is; come rain or shine, they keep that blood money flowing.

Kind of makes you wonder what similar dastardly deeds are happening in your community.

Heaven help us on judgment day.

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