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Auschwitz Just Installed Something That Sparked An Immediate Outcry From Jewish Visitors

Management’s stated motivation resonated with more than a few Twitter users.


Shortly after evoking one of the most gruesome aspects of the Holocaust, those in charge of an infamous Polish landmark are backtracking on a planned update.

Auschwitz, which served as a concentration camp during World War II, was the final stop for more than one million, predominantly Jewish, prisoners of the Third Reich. A commonly used method of execution involved showers dispensing deadly gas. The site is now a Holocaust museum.

Citing the camp’s specific and deadly history, many Jewish visitors to the site were outraged over the recent inclusion of a shower on the premises.

Though the misting feature was ostensibly added to help visitors “cool down” upon arriving at the museum, many Jewish advocates have expressed indignation over the museum’s perceived insensitivity.

Israeli visitor Meyer Bolka described his arrival at the museum as a “punch to the gut,” noting he was “in shock” at what he saw outside. “As soon as I got off the bus,” he said, “I walked into the shower contraption.” The museum posted a reaction to the recent controversy to its Facebook page Monday: auschwitz Management’s stated motivation for the showers – namely, the safety of visitors during hot summer months – resonated with more than a few Twitter users.

Plenty of others, however, could not fathom the shortsightedness of those who approved the feature.

Is it inappropriate to add any type of shower to Auschwitz? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.


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