Attorney General Holder eviscerated by Darrell Issa for Fast and Furious crimes


Just prior to taking office, Barack Hussein Obama’s transition team promised the incoming Administration would create ”…a new level of transparency, accountability and participation for American citizens.”

Of course that was before the Fast and Furious debacle claimed several hundred lives and exposed the perjury of an Attorney General.

It was before the Obama Department of Energy bestowed half a billion tax dollars on a bankrupt Solyndra Corporation whose principle investor happened to be an Obama campaign money-bundler.

And it was also before another Obama campaign money-bundler used his influence to have the White House pressure a general into changing his testimony before a congressional committee.

So now, unable to duck, dodge and hide from the citizen journalists who make up the blogosphere and even fighting a losing battle against a select few members of the Regime-owned legacy media, the Department of Justice has decided it is time to legalize the telling of outright lies by the government to the American public.

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