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Atheists Believe In Nothing, Including You


Photo credit: Girl with a one-track mind (Creative Commons)

Atheism is the absence of a belief system.

There is no religion called Atheism. If atheists resided in the Middle East, they would be beheaded as non-believers, which they are. They have no belief in anything good in this world. All they can do is criticize people of faith and use the generous nature of the American people and the unabashed support of socialist groups like the ACLU to exploit the American culture.

I don’t understand why more people don’t just tell them to shut up.  Where is the country’s backbone? Where have all the God-fearing men and women gone? Why do we have a government that is more interested in protecting the rights of people who try to murder our military than standing up for the religious beliefs of soldiers that are protected under the First Amendment?

Recently, some atheists took offense to a military chaplain’s quoting of this old saying, popularized by Dwight Eisenhower: “In battle, they learned the great truth that there are no atheists in foxholes.” Some atheists in the military have taken issue with Ike’s quotation, calling it a “bigoted, religious supremacist phrase.” One of them said, “Faith-based hate, is hate all the same.”

If I see hate, it’s not based in faith in Jesus Christ. If an Atheist decides he/she does not believe in anything, they are not forced to participate in any religious service. What were they doing there if they didn’t believe?  They were there to deliberately draw attention to themselves. They have nothing and believe in nothing, so they need to make something of themselves. Plain and simple, they are nothing.

In our time, people of faith, acting on their consciences shaped by the Judeo-Christian tradition that our country was founded upon, are being accused of hate. “Hate” has got to be the most overused word of our time. If someone is politically incorrect in their views, they are often falsely accused of hate. According to Webster’s, hate means “To feel great hostility or animosity toward someone.” That sounds like exactly what the Atheists are exhibiting every time they open their mouths. Hate is in the heart and is exhibited in your actions. Look at the actions of atheists and the people on the extreme left; that is hate with a capital H.

Atheists and other people assume Christians are hateful because we favor traditional marriage. We believe that God puts a soul into a baby after conception, and we favor bringing God’s babies to term. Does that make us hateful? Does it not seem absurd to accuse conservative traditional Christians of faith-based hate, simply based on their views of morality (which we believe were revealed by God in the Bible)? (By the way, these views have stood for centuries as the one and only truth.) Others come and go, but God and the Bible remain. Look at who is calling it hate. What are they doing with their lives? Are they doing good? Or are they spreading hate?

Is it faith-based hate when the Salvation Army, closely followed by the Baptists and the Catholics, are virtually always first on the scene of any disaster to help anyone in need? Is it faith-based hate when the myriad of inner-city soup kitchens and rescue missions dish out food for the hungry out of love for Jesus? (This happens daily by the millions.) Is it faith-based hate when the hundreds of pregnancy care centers lovingly provide alternatives for pregnant women, so that they can keep their babies? By the way, where are the atheists when disaster strikes? Have you seen any atheists jump on trucks in the middle of the night to go help their neighbor? I don’t see any at the disasters I respond to; do you?

Is it faith-based hate when Christian education is provided for almost nothing  to inner-city children? Look at all the Catholic schools in poor neighborhoods. They provide a lifeline and a future of hope for children in need. I guess the atheists and the other haters would cringe if they had to say that was good.

When the word “hate” is applied to your opponents in the culture war, then it loses its meaning. Love is hate, and hate is love. The words “love” and “hate” become synonymous with each other. Only a real hater can do that. Atheists hate everything that challenges their lack of belief. The Christian ideal is to love everybody (not that we all live up to it by any means.) However, most Christians try to do just that. We are taught from cradle to grave to be kind to others. The greatest Commandments are: Love the Lord thy God with your whole heart and soul, and Love thy neighbor as thyself. Christians take the latter to the letter. Many times, we turn our cheek so that people like atheists can take another whack at us. I believe that Christians should defend their faith. That is also in the Bible. If we don’t stand up for what we believe in, we will have it chipped away by those who spread hate and mistrust.

Our civilian military leaders are doing just that. A Christian who wants to read a bible in the lunch room or on the porch are penalized and told they can’t do it. Why can’t they do what brings them closer to their God, when the government bends over backwards for the haters and radical Muslims who would kill our babies without a second thought?

Since Obama took office, our government has been populated with secularists and elitist haters. It is time to expose them for what they are and get rid of them once and for all.


Photo credit: Girl with a one-track mind (Creative Commons)

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