Atheist Sign in Santa Monica Palisades Park

A man walks past a display in Palisades Park that was erected by an atheist. This year more atheists applied for spaces at the park, reducing the traditional nativity display erected by local churches.

Atheist messages have displaced most of the Christmastime nativity scenes that for nearly six decades a coalition of local churches had placed in Santa Monica’s ocean-view park.

Local churches have traditionally claimed 14 of the 21 Palisades Park display spaces to illustrate the story of the birth of Jesus Christ. But atheists managed to get all but three of the spaces this year because of a new city lottery system.

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Two individuals snagged 18 spaces. One person can request a maximum of nine spaces.

“Our belief is that these new applicants have been working together to displace and push out the nativity scenes from the park, rather than erecting a full display of their own,” said Hunter Jameson, a spokesman for a coalition of the city’s churches.

Secularist Damon Vix is behind the anti-Christian crusade…

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