As Promised, Gallups OUTS Dishonest Congressman!



On May 2, 2013, PPSIMMONS ran a blog story about Carl Gallups and Mike Zullo’s trip to CPAC.  At that event they arranged a trip to Capitol Hill to attempt to meet with various Congressmen about the Obama Fraud Case.  In one of those meetings, Gallups and Zullo reported that they were present with a congressman and his chief of staff. The meeting was officially arranged through the congressman’s office and his booking secretary, Jessica.

After the initial meeting of about thirty minutes in the capitol building, the congressman agreed to have another meeting with both Zullo and Gallups back at the congressman’s home state of Florida. At that next meeting, it was agreed, that Mike Zullo was to bring the entire CCP criminal investigation evidence pack and present it to the congressman for his personal scrutiny. The congressman also suggested that he take the questioned birth document and submit it to “his” examiners as well.  A few days later, Gallups reported that he received a disturbing phone call from the congressman’s chief of staff.   Following is a recap of Gallups’ account…


Gallups related, “After Lt. Zullo and I had made all the necessary arrangements to travel to the Congressman Jeff Miller’s home state office in Pensacola, Florida, I received a call from his Chief of Staff, Dan McFaul. The travel arrangements had been made because the Congressman’s booking secretary and his Chief of Staff had engaged in email and telephone conversation with me confirming all the details of the meeting. Mike Zullo had already made airline, car rental, and motel reservations. After the meeting details were made, the Chief of Staff called me and said, ‘Congressman Miller will not be able to make the meeting. He will not be able to meet with Lt. Zullo.’  When I asked him ‘why?’ the Chief of Staff responded, ‘The Congressman doesn’t remember ever making those arrangements. He doesn’t remember agreeing to any such meeting.'”

Gallups indicated that his first reaction was utter shock. “I was flabbergasted,” Gallups said. “I had been on the phone as well as sending and receiving emails for days – directly from the Congressman’s office and then the Chief of Staff calls me and says something to the effect of  ‘we don’t remember any such arrangements.’  It was utterly astounding. I reminded the Chief of Staff that I possessed the entire email trail, including emails from him. The phone went silent. I don’t think he had thought of that. The whole conversation was surreal. I told him that it was surreal. The Chief of Staff never relented on his story, however – he continually insisted that no such meeting was ever arranged. He would not address the fact that I was in possession of the email chain.”

Gallups said, “This is the very kind of political shenanigans and despicable game-playing that Washington does not need. The voters in this Congressman’s district need to know the abject dishonesty associated with his office and his highly unethical political dealings. The nation needs to know. If the Congressman had simply been forthright and called me up and explained that he had changed his mind and would rather not meet with Zullo and me – I would have not said a public word about it. That would have been his absolute prerogative. I have no desire to attempt to ‘strong-arm’ anyone to meet with us. The problem stems from the fact that the Congressman apparently had his Chief of Staff call me and basically call me a ‘liar.’   I felt as though he was questioning my ‘sanity.’  That is where he crossed the line with me. I will not be strong-armed either. Nor will I will be told that a conversation never took place that was witnessed by Lt. Zullo, the Congressman, the Chief of Staff and myself and also recorded in official government email and phone conversations.”

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