Did you know, Mr. Obama, that since you became President, gun sales in the United States have at least doubled? You have negative job growth in the private sector, but the firearms industry sends you its best wishes! You and your Attorney General, Eric Holder, have created such an atmosphere of insecurity and violence that people are running, not walking to their nearest sporting goods store (or gun dealer) to do what your government administration cannot do….protect them!  An Arizona rancher was killed on his own land by illegal immigrants, and what happened? As far as the answer to that question goes, look at what you have done to the border and the Border Patrol. You have closed or are in the process of closing nine border stations. Your Homeland Security Department gives the personnel at the border new, politically correct operating procedures to deal with a shooter. They are: RUN, HIDE, THROW SOMETHNG, and if ABSOLUTELY necessary, take some defensive action. You and Holder run a botched gun running operation called “Fast & Furious” that results in over a thousand guns lost, a dead Border Patrol Agent, a dead ICE agent, and a couple hundred dead Mexican nationals. What do you do when someone blows the whistle on the operation? You hide related documents that were legally subpoenaed by Congress, which is charged with oversight, under a blanket of “Executive Privilege”……nice move!

Your “Justice” Department allows the New Black Panther Party to intimidate voters at a Philadelphia voting place. If  it were a couple of whites or Hispanics who did something like that, they would probably still be sitting in jail. Your “Justice” Department seems to refuse to prosecute black-on-white crimes but has no problem (nor do you) with injecting yourself into a non-black killing a black youth. Why?

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The Department of Homeland Security goes out and orders 450 MILLION rounds of ammunition. What war are you going to start, and with whom? You had Secretary of State Hillary Clinton negotiate a UN gun control treaty, which started a firestorm that made you back down….for now.

It has been reported by very reliable sources that you signed an Executive Order giving you the power to declare Martial law in the case of major civil unrest…..why?  You and your Progressive minions never seem to tire of finding ways to nullify portions of the Constitution that you don’t like. You miscalculated how complacent the American people had become, but thanks to you and your policies over the last four years, we are wide awake now!

The Tea Party was born because of you and thrives with citizens of all colors, creeds, and political positions. The common denominator is that while we may disagree about the ideology, we are united behind our love of God, country, our freedom, and the guns that will maintain that freedom for future generations. A word of caution, Mr. Obama: your actions and policies are the reason for the huge spike in gun sales, which should tell you something.  Take heed, Mr. Obama, as Americans will NOT abide tyranny in any form. Thomas Jefferson once said: ” At times, the Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” I never thought I would see the day when so many citizens have become so distrustful of our government that Jefferson’s quote would be talked about so much. Mr. Obama, you really wouldn’t be stupid enough to try and stay in power at any price, would you? Progressives aren’t really that dumb, are they?

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Remember, Mr. Obama, the firearms and ammunition businesses are thriving because of your policies, so I guess you do have some job creation bragging rights. Adieu.

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