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Are Secret Service Agents Being Weeded Out By Obama?


As the latest scandal ensues, ensnaring not only Secret Service operatives on Obama’s advance team, but military personel as well, I wonder why no one on the White House advance team has been implicated? The Secret Service has, since it’s inception, been charged with protecting the United States President at ALL costs, even if it meant placing their own lives on the line. The Secret Service as well as the United States armed forces have always operated with the utmost integrity. Therefore, my perspective is this:

Did our secret service agents and military members seek out the prostitutes in Columbia,or, was it the other way around? Usually, any individual that would pose a danger to a person in power, such as Obama, in a communist society would either be killed or brought down by massive scandal usually involving a sexual nature. As the United States is too advanced a culture to do any killing, I do believe that the latter applies.

In a time where Obama is truly showing his true communist colors by grabbing as much power as he can, either by executive order, czars, or regulation ,going against the United States Constitution at every turn, and weakening our country at every convenience, it is only a matter of time before he becomes concerned about those that have been chosen to protect him. Study any Marxist, fascist, or communist regime of your choice and you will see that they have had some sort of ELITE GUARD that would ensure that their dictator stays in power. I think that this is the case here as Obama certainly wouldn’t want someone who is sworn to defend and protect the US Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic, to exercise their oath and double tap him to the back of the head while he amasses more un-Constitutional power. I would really like to see who replaces these secret service agents who were fired. Will their loyalties lie with the United States Constitution or with Barack Hussein Obama? Only time will tell. Stay safe and always be aware of your surroundings.

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