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Are Republicans In Danger Of Losing The Contraceptive Fight?


The Obama mandate requiring un-reproductive heath services to be made available to workers as part of any employer-provided health insurance plan has put the Nanny state squarely at odds with America’s time-honored respect for religious liberty.

President Obama’s mandate covers religious institutions, including those operated by the Catholic Church—which has stood firm against the new law. In the face of its opposition to the new rule—the Church does not, as a matter of doctrine, endorse artificial birth control—Obama has tried to “split the baby” and push the responsibility for making such services available onto the insurance companies themselves, supposedly freeing up the Church to obey the dictates of its conscience.

In fact it does no such thing as, in the first place, the mandate was allowed to go into effect even as the idea of a compromise was being floated and, in the second place, many of these institutions are self-insuring, meaning that the responsibility to provide the services remains within the confines of the Church itself.

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