Are Old Media networks finally waking up?


America has just suffered the deadliest day of the war in Afghanistan in more than four years, but Obama doesn’t have time to worry about that. He’s focused on another war: the war against his political enemies. The assault on Rush Limbaugh was just for starters. Today’s victim: Fox News.

Is the media finally starting to hold Obama somewhat accountable?

It’s not enough that four-fifths of the news networks march in lock step to the Obama administration and have turned from being the watchdogs to Obama lapdogs. During the campaign, they went from being biased to becoming activists for Obama.

Obama’s communications director, Anita Dunn, was, for the most part, right when she bragged about having “absolute control” of the media. And no doubt she turned to her favorite philosopher, Mao Zedong, for advice to bring the others into submission. Maybe she consulted with Diversity Czar Mark Lloyd whose hero is Hugo Chavez, another great role model for the wonderful job he did of controlling the media. All while FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski works to censor and regulate the Internet.

Obama prefers to call it “Chicago-style politics,” like when he pressured all his political opponents out of running for “his seat” in the Illinois Senate. Like when Obama took over the auto industry, the insurance industry, the banks and school loans. Now he is reaching out to grab hold of health care, energy and speech.

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