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Apathetic America: An Object Lesson


Imagine if you will, America as a great white steed. With the freedom and liberty to roam at will, across the fruited plains. It’s an awesome power, a testament to it’s very existance. Now, as it enters a clearing, it sees an apple that had been placed there for it. Upon hearing a voice calling from the wilderness (Senator Mc Carthy) proclaiming “be gone, it’s a trap”, the mighty steed leaves the clearing. But only to return at a later date.

Upon returning to the clearing, the steed finds another apple. Having been placed there by the government, a proclamation reads: “We have taken all forms of prayer from your schools; no one wants to pray to a spirit from a dusty old book anyway…but here is a free lunch”. And with that,the first piece of fence is erected. This piece of fence is known as progessiveism.

Some time later,the mighty steed returns to the clearing to find another apple. Once again,there is another government proclamation: “We have nationalized your health care, now any health issue that you may have will be covered for free. Enjoy your apple.” And with that, the second piece of fence is erected. This piece is known as socialism.

Again, sometime later, the mighty steed returns to find yet another apple and another proclamation from the government: “We have decided to make available to you federally funded abortions,but not to worry,we are also throwing in free contraceptives. Enjoy your apple.” And with that, the third piece of fence is placed. This one is known as marxism.

Now, after many trips to the clearing to gather all of the wonderful fruit that the government has given to the mighty steed, it develops a sense of trust. Trust that the government will always be there to take care of him, and he still has a sense of freedom. This time, the mighty steed finds many apples and a proclamation from the government that reads: “I have given you all of these things for free, and I am now prepared to take care of you for life.” And with that,the final piece of fence is placed. This one is called communism.

Now that the mighty steed is completely trapped in the grips of the government, the leader (Barack Obama) arrives to climb on the back of the mighty steed to break his spirit and is successful. The only thing that the steed has left is the memory of the freedom and liberty that he once had.

Although this story contains a lot of symbolism, I believe that it rings true to the happenings in our great nation. I feel that we have reached the point where the fourth piece of fence is about to be placed. The following video will support my theory.

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