After AOL got rolled and paid 315 million dollars for the Huffington Post (add that scam to this list), AOL  laid off 20 percent of its global workforce. Nice. Meanwhile, Arianna Huffington, the Joseph Goebbels of the Left Reich, is on a spending spree, buying up the mechanics of new media. It’s all about control, baby, not content. Control the networks, search engines, etc. — just like Obama. He brought the Facebook and Google boys aboard early in the game.

New media soldiers take note — they will try to squeeze us out. Fight. Fight. Fight.

The Huffington Post hires Twitter co-founder Biz Stone

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The Huffington Post Media Group has hired Biz Stone, Twitter’s co-founder, to head up its social impact strategy.

Arrianna Huffington, the newly appointed president and editor-in-chief of The Huffington Post Media Group, after her website was snapped up by AOL for $315 million (£196 million) last month, is continuing on a hiring spree for her new parent company, despite swingeing job cuts across the rest of the technology giant’s business.
Stone has been brought on board as ‘strategic adviser for social impact’ and will work across The Huffington Post Media Group and the rest of AOL assets.

He will be tasked with developing a platform to help people share their work in their local community and is also going to create a video series focused on companies and executives who are at the ‘forefront of philanthropy and corporate responsibility’.
Stone said: “The definition of success is changing as we begin to understand the value of helping others.”

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More liberal cud while they fleece everyone.

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