Anti-Israel California Dem Lois Capps faces tough reelection fight


Locked in her first tough re-election battle in nearly a decade, California Rep. Lois Capps (D) finds herself under fire from pro-Israel activists for what they say is a lengthy record of hostility towards the Jewish state.

Capps—a darling of the far-left J Street and the mother in law of Bill Burton, the head of the Obama-affiliated Priorities USA Super PAC—has spent her political career on the outskirts of Congress’ pro-Israel majority, refusing to back numerous measures affirming the U.S.-Israel alliance.

Her antagonistic stance towards Israel, as well as her association with individuals and organizations that are openly hostile to the Jewish state, could lead voters to embrace former California Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado, a moderate GOP heavyweight who is a member in good standing of the state’s pro-Israel community, political insiders say.

Democratic observers are becoming concerned that Capps’ controversial minority views about Israel could become a liability in a race that has grown increasingly close in recent months.

“There are few members of Congress like [Capps]—in either party—but Jewish Democrats will surely sit on the sidelines in this race,” lamented one Democratic strategist who has been following the race. “Of course we don’t want the Republican to win, but her record has largely not been helpful for the pro-Israel community or the US-Israel relationship.”

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