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We should not fear the terrorists because, like the communists before them, they are weak and ineffectual, not really a threat at all?  Has it escaped the Libertarians’ notice that the anti-liberty, anti-capitalist, and anti-libertarian agenda of the communists is being realized in America today at an accelerating rate, that America has never been less free or less Capitalist in its entire history than it is now? From the local (Los Angeles) city council banning plastic bags and ordering businesses to charge their customers money for a product (paper bags) that they would rather give away for free, to the President issuing executive orders contradicting the letter of his own signature legislation, to job-killing Global Warming taxes, to out-of-control regulatory agencies, to the politicization of the IRS — the encroachments on liberty and prosperity should terrify any sane and informed citizen. Are we supposed to blame all that on Bush’s foreign policy? While we are asking people how they feel, let us ask the former refugees from communist Poland, Czechoslovakia, Cuba, and the People’s Republic of China how they feel about creeping communism in America today.

The terrorist threat today is as great as it was on September 10, 2001; and it increases with our weakness abroad and with the infiltration of Sharia law into our American government, education system, and society. Osama bin Laden and his band of merry men were no doubt disappointed that their attack failed to kill 30,000 Americans, as it well could have, instead of a ‘mere’ 3,000. Did they attack us because of our foreign policy? No. There is nothing we could do or not do, short of SUBMISSION (the literal translation of the word ‘Islam’) to the Caliphate, with Dhimmi (second-class non-muslim legal) status at best.  They hate us precisely because of who we are, as embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bible, Liberty, and Capitalism. Libertarians, homosexuals, and single mothers will be the first to be stoned under the Sharia that is creeping into the West.

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But, let us concede for the sake of argument that we never should have invaded Iraq in the first place.  That still doesn’t justify the decision to withdraw in 2011. In light of the circumstances of 2008-2011, the pullout borders on qualifying as a high crime: a betrayal of the U.S. servicemen and women who had paid the ultimate price to secure the gains; against Iraqi leaders (official and unofficial) who tempered their own extremist constituencies and tendencies to compromise and cooperate for a greater good; and against the ordinary Iraqis who welcomed us, trusted us, and assisted us in securing the nation against Baathists and terrorists.

Obama may simply have been naive, believing in his own press clippings and the validity of his Nobel Peace prize. Some of his allies certainly had to know better. But they supported the withdrawal anyway because nothing could be worse to them than permitting it to be thought for an instant that Bush might have succeeded after all. The Leftist narrative of America’s — and especially G.W. Bush’s — failure trumped all other considerations, including the lives of our soldiers. The American project in Iraq had to fail, even if by political force from within America.

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