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Covenant breaking is unique among the master sins of California in that it does not stop with polluting the physical environment as much as the hearts of we who live in it. It degrades our very nature as beings designed for one way of living and one only. What does repentance resemble?

The first thing is simple enough – fess up where we have messed up. The second is just as simple – choose to recognize the God Who makes us as the God Who understands our best interests far better than we; re-focus our attention on Him and His ways and forget our excuses that too much time has passed, or we are not our ancestors. We accept the Gold Rush benefits they bequeath cheerfully enough; we can accept responsibility for righting their Gold Rush wrongs with the same cheerfulness.

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Of course, such recognition would change our decision-making – one decision at a time – from whatever seems necessary to me to whatever seems important to my Maker. It would embody Jesus’ words that when we sacrifice life claims for others, we come into His abundant life; but when we hang on to self-serving survival, we only postpone death for awhile.

Prayer is the most important third dimension. When we pray before and after doing, we are reminded – should we forget – that the Good Samaritan remains the model of ultimate covenant keeping–and Micah 6:8 still defines the covenant lifestyle.

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